We partner with communities to help create kid-directed play spaces! We’re in the process of building this website. In the meantime, hopefully you’ll find the basics here. Let’s Play!


At TWIN CITIES ADVENTURE PLAY, our mission is to bring nature-based, self-directed play into the lives of every child by partnering with organizations, schools, and neighborhoods to create “Community Backyards” where kids can come together to play freely, build creatively, and practice assessing risk to pursue personal development and lifelong learning.


Each Community Backyard is unique to its neighborhood.

The three main components of these community backyards include:

  • LOOSE PARTS: anything that can be moved around, carried, rolled, lifted, piled on top of one another, or combined to create new things. In short, items that liberate the imagination and creativity of playing children. Loose parts give kids freedom to explore and create. Loose parts are typically locally sourced and reusable/recyclable
  • NATURAL ELEMENTS: dirt! trees! grass! water! wind! etc etc etc
  • PLAYWORKERS ON SITE: Playworkers are highly experienced youth workers who commit to creating and maintaining spaces for children to play while considering that children’s play should ideally be freely chosen, personally directed, intrinsically motivated, and unadulterated by any adult or external agendas.


TCAP is available for community events as well as

short and long-term partnerships