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Playworkers are highly experienced youth workers who commit to creating and maintaining spaces for children to play while considering that children’s play should ideally be freely chosen, personally directed, intrinsically motivated, and unadulterated by any adult or external agendas. 

Basically a lifeguard for the playground. A person who guards playing. A playguard!

Playworkers are present during all of our preschool and school-age programming.

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“Playwork is a very specific type of work distinctive from other ways of working with children in a number of ways, particularly in the very hands-off style of adult interaction with children that is at the core of play work…Learning to look at play through the eyes of a Playworker will teach you to better understand what it is children do in those times and places they are free to make their own choices when playing … it is not about what we think they do or what we would like them to do but what they actually do!”  – Malarkey Playwork


Twin Cities Adventure Play School-Age Programs are committed to the principle of self-directed play that involves loose parts, natural elements, and artistic influence with an element of risk-taking. We serve communities based on the recognition that children and young people‚Äôs capacity for positive development will be enhanced if given access to the broadest range of environments and play opportunities.