Community Partnerships

With short and long-term partnerships, we help to create “Community Backyards” where kids can come together to play freely, build creatively, and practice assessing risk to pursue personal development and lifelong learning.

Each Community Backyard is unique to its neighborhood.

The three main components of these community backyards include:

  • LOOSE PARTS: anything that can be moved around, carried, rolled, lifted, piled on top of one another, or combined to create new things. In short, items that liberate the imagination and creativity of playing children. Loose parts give kids freedom to explore and create. Loose parts are typically locally sourced and reusable/recyclable
  • NATURAL ELEMENTS: dirt! trees! grass! water! wind! etc etc etc
  • PLAYWORKERS ON SITE: Playworkers are highly experienced youth workers who commit to creating and maintaining spaces for children to play while considering that children’s play should ideally be freely chosen, personally directed, intrinsically motivated, and unadulterated by any adult or external agendas.

With each partnership, we staff your play site and train community members; parents, teachers, neighbors, and responsible teens to encourage, support and supervise children’s play activities. Through our service and programming, children learn valuable life skills, develop strong social networks and build resilience by playing and working together.


Pop-Up Play Days!

Neighborhood event? Summer festivities? TCAP will show up with materials, set-up the site, provide Playworkers, and a fun disposition to help facilitate a kid-created play space for the day!

Traditional materials: cardboard, tape, fabric, non-tox paint, tubes, tires, rope, other “soft” items 

  • 4-6 hours in length
  • 1-2 planning sessions
  • 2 TCAP Playworkers for duration of day
  • Mini-training and resources for community volunteers, parents, educators
  • Materials sourcing
  • Set-Up/Clean-Up
  • Some advertising

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Short Term Community Partnership

We’ll facilitate a series of Play Days within a year and train community members/rec center staff on Playworking. Minimum 4 hrs in length.


Long-term Community Partnerships

Long-term partnerships and programming are tailored to meet the needs of each community.
This is three year start up plan including Pop-Ups, community training, and neighborhood sourcing to create a permanent Community Backyard. An assigned TCAP site coordinator will escort you through the process of creating your own space, involving the community, and providing resources for years to come.


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