Twin Cities Adventure Play Preschool and School-Age Programs are committed to the principle of self-directed play that involves loose parts, natural elements, and mixed age play with a dash of risk-taking. We serve communities based on the recognition that children and young people’s capacity for positive development will be enhanced if given access to the broadest range of environments and play opportunities. In our programs kids get to play THEIR way in order to Create, Build and Explore- new structures, friendships, and self-mastery.

TCAP Playworkers are present during all of our preschool and school-age programming.

Backyard Camp!

Enrollment for BACKYARD CAMP is now open for eight 1-week sessions from June 3 through August 16, 2019.

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Backyard Camp takes place in our awesome backyard in NE Minneapolis. This week-long day camp is an unadulterated child-led space where 3-12 yr olds choose their own adventures; building, creating new worlds, and making up games using an abundance of loose parts, our lovely tree house, and all the surrounding nature.

Under close observation of the skilled Playworker staff on site, kids will check on the garden, play in the sprinkler, and maybe build and take a rocket to space all while creating relationships and practicing important life skills.

Each week of camp is unique depending on the dynamic of the group.

*Kids will have access to tools! Hammers, nails, and even saws for those who are able.
All of this is always in a supervised and controlled area.

Full Day (9am-4pm) = $275
Half Day (9am-12pm) = $150
There is an Early Bird discount applied to all camps until February 4th.
We also offer a sibling discount for multiple kiddos.

Camp Details

During Backyard Camp, kids will:

-Have a chance to work with tools and building materials free for use

-Be given opportunities to work with fine art and handcrafting materials

-Be able to tend to/check-on, enjoy the fruits of our beautiful garden

-Practice creative collaboration and group problem solving

-Get to play THEIR way in order to Create, Build and Explore- new structures, friendships, and self-mastery

Why Mixed Age Play?

TCAP’s Backyard Camp advocates for and practices age-mixing at our camp, where children of various ages have the opportunity to play together, if they wish. For more on the advantages of age-mixed play, we recommend this article:



WHEN: Half Day (9am-12pm) and Full Day (9am-4pm) options available. We will likely add more Half Day availabilities starting in March.

SNACK: We will provide a healthy snack for Half and Full Day camps. 

LUNCH: Full Day camp kids will provide their own lunch

Numbers: Camp limit is 18 campers. There will always be three Playworkers on site.
Ratio = 6:1 campers to staff

LOCATION(s): All Backyard Camps take place in the backyard of our Founder, Seniz Yargici Lennes. The location is in NE MPLS off of 18th Avenue and Taylor Street. Address for camp and further camp details can be found on registration form.

We are also looking to secure a second location near East Lake Street within the next week or two, once that location is secure- we will offer more Half Day options.

OTHER: We are offering one week of Half Day camp at the Backyard- and will likely add more Half Day options starting Monday, March 18th 

Any questions or concerns, please contact us HERE