Adult Programs!

Play is not only the work of children. It is an essential variable for health and wellness in adults.


Given the challenges of modern daily life and over-structured schedules we threaten valuable PLAY-time, and therefore diminish opportunities to practice vital skills such as:

*Creative thinking * Effective communication * Healthy risk assessment * Conflict resolution *Collaboration * Self-advocacy * Possessing true confidence * Resiliency * Negotiating Needs *Embracing and overcoming fears * Mental and physical dexterity

To name just a few.


Our Adult Programs are fun and good for you!

Let’s Play!

Playful Fitness

When was the last time you laughed through a really great workout? In these playful fitness classes we will get back to the basics of getting physical through play. We’ll take time to tune in to where we are physically, we’ll work together through game-play and have a great work out. We’ll leave feeling refreshed, strong, and connected to ourselves and each other! Come play with us!

Stay Tuned for upcoming classes.

For Parents

Playful Perspectives in Parenting Workshops

The Playful Perspectives Workshop is a fun and friendly customizable workshop, for adults, dedicated to using improvisational games and lively discussion to bring PLAY and playful practices back in to the busy and demanding lives of families and organizations.

Workshop Goals

  • Explore the value of and need for PLAY in
    • healthy family life,
    • child development
    • adult and family wellness
  • Inspire a more playful perspective in daily life
  • Provide tools for adults to become effective Play facilitators for kids and encourage letting go
  • Remind adults simply how to play

Teacher Trainings

In school and out of school teacher training.

We proudly offer Playworking and Improv workshops for people who work with youth.


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